Re-Roofing / Retrofit roof applications are essential for commercial builders.Re-Roofing / Retrofit roof applications are essential for commercial builders.

Roofing recovery is a process used on many commercial building re-roofs. In this process the existing roofing membrane is left is place. Any large pieces of debris are removed, a recover board is typically mechanically attached to the structural deck and a new roofing membrane is installed on top of the recover board.

This process has many benefits. From an environmental standpoint, leaving the existing membrane in place reduces the amount of waste material sent to the landfill. It also can increase the energy efficiency of the building by leaving existing insulation in place while adding additional insulation. For the building occupants, it reduces the disruption to normal building operations since no tear-off is required.

One concern with this process is that the existing roofing system most likely contains some amount of moisture, since the roof is not normally replaced unless there have been a history of roof leaks.

Extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) makes an ideal roofing recovery product. The manufacturers of XPS offer a wide variety of products for use in this application, including fan-fold products specifically designed for quick installation. The fanfold products have a variety of facers designed to work with specific membrane types. They also offer board-stock products designed for use under all single-ply roofing membrane systems.

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Akron Civic Theatre, Akron, OH


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