There are many different types of insulation materials to choose among when applying a commercial roof or retrofitting an existing structure. The function of roof insulation is to insulate the building against heat flow in and out, while providing a smooth, dry, clean and firmly-attached substrate for the roof membrane.

Proper insulation is necessary for energy efficiency, condensation control and, in some systems, structrual integrity against uplift pressure.

Extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) insulation has a combination of properties that make it a strong and efficient insulating material. Its proven resistance to moisture; reliable strength and durability--even without a facer or coverboard; and stable long-term R-Value make it a top insulating material for commercial, industrial and residential structrures.

Benefits of using XPS in roof applications also have positive environmental attributes, such as long-term durability and recyclabilityŚmaking XPS an ideal choice when re-roofing a building.

And, in Direct-to-Steel Deck applications; cost savings are achieved because you no longer require a thermal barrier between the insulation and the metal deck.

Making a choice for XPS as your conventional roofing system insulation allows for excellent, long-term performance from the insulation.

In fact, XPS offers exceptional performance in plaza and protected membrane (PMRA) roofing applications. XPS allows for:

  • Excellent moisture resistance and stable long-term R-value;
  • Extending the life of plaza or roof, providing protection of the membrane from ultraviolet deterioration;
  • Protection of the membrane against weathering, physical abuse and damage;
  • Maintaining themembrane at a relatively constant temperature, thus minimizing effects of freeze-thaw cycling and excessive heat;
  • Reduced installation, material and repair expenditures; and
  • Easy removal and re-installation of ballast and insulation.

The links to the right-hand side of the page will lead you to various types of commercial roof assemblies that most-efficiently deploy XPS properties. Be sure to visit them for more specific information on various roof applications employing the use of XPS.



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